Here’s what we played in 2016:

Saturday Night

Don Giovanni Overture – Mozart
Mozart’s 31st Symphony
Tannhauser Overture – Wagner
Grasshopper’s Dance

Sunday Morning

Ruy Blass Overture – Mendelssohn
Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony
March of the Sardar – Ivanov Ipolotov (or something)

Sunday Night

Zampa Overture – Herold
Enigma Variations – Elgar
Teddy Bear’s Picnic – No idea

Monday Morning

The Bartered Bride Overture – Smetana
Enigma Variations – Elgar
Sonata in F (heavily arranged) – Handel

Monday Evening

Carnival Overture – Suppe
Brahms’ Fourth Symphony
Scenes Pittoresque – Massenet

Tuesday Morning

The Barber of Seville Overture – Rossini
Mahler’s First Symphony (movements 1 and 3)
Scenes Pittoresque – Massenet
Mozart’s Third Violin Concerto

Tuesday Evening

Magic Flute Overture – Mozart
Mahler’s First Symphony (movements 4 and 2) (!)
Jamaican Rumba – Benjamin

Wednesday Evening

Egmont Overture – Beethoven
Schubert’s Great C Symphony
Nocturne from Midsummer Night’s Dream – Mendelssohn

Thursday Morning

Pomp & Circumstance March No 4 – Elgar
Night on a Bare Mountain – Mussorgsky
Schubert’s Great C Symphony
Mozart’s 41st Symphony
Simple Symphony – Britten

Thursday Evening

Hebrides Overture – Mendelssohn
Dvorak’s New World Symphony

Friday Morning

Prince Igor Overture – Borodin
Beethoven’s Eighth Symphony
A Somerset Rhapsody – Holst
Jungle Drums – Ketelby

Friday Evening

Lohengrin Overture – Wagner
Mendelssohn’s Scottish Symphony
The Thistle – Myddleton