2018 – Best Year Ever!*

And another Rydal week comes to an end! 

The weather was a hot topic this year, as usual.  Not in the literal sense, of course, although the previous 5 weeks had seen record-breaking temperatures all over the UK.  This Rydal’s weather was a real mixed bag: plenty of rain, but some genuinely warm afternoons too.  Some people even used sun cream!

We had a few new members who came along, and I hope they were made to feel very welcome (our youngest first-timer was 8 weeks old!).  The repertoire (here) was as varied as ever, ranging from Farnon’s ‘Jumping Bean March’ to Beethoven 9.  No Mahler though.

The legendary Friday night quiz was won by ‘Poppy and Her Human Admirers’ – but only just.  Having been docked a point right at the start for insubordination, they had to rely on winning the final tie-break question – to do with knowing the height of Helvellyn (950m).  Lucky for them, as in an earlier round they had already lost a ‘floss-off’ against the team that eventually came second.  Jayne kept her unbeaten record intact, by staying out of the quiz altogether.  The same can’t be said for Ben, though. 

Sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s course – Jane our administrator, Leo our conductor, our soloists, all playing members, non-playing friends and family, the Rydal Hall staff, and everyone who came in to listen.

We’ll be sending out a survey in next week or so, while it’s fresh in the memory, to get everyone’s opinions on various aspects of the course.  This is your chance to say what you think, so don’t hold back!  

Now is also a good time to start thinking about next year’s Rydal, which starts on Saturday 27th July 2019 and finishes on Saturday 3rd August 2019.  Spread the word if you know anyone who might be interested in coming along.

See you there!


*2018 wasn’t necessarily the best year ever, just the most recent.  All previous years have also been the best ever.