2b5cf4374ff3bc670f2f674504e7f0baGuess what?  It’s time to start looking for your walking shoes, dusting off your music stand, and checking the weather forecast.  That’s right – it’s exactly ONE MONTH to go until Rydal begins!

Here’s the final letter, in case you haven’t seen it in the post.


61st YEAR!


30th JULY – 6th AUGUST 2016

Dear Orchestra Member,

It’s time to send you the final details and timetable for this year’s course at Rydal Hall.

Please arrive during the afternoon of Saturday 30th July. For those staying in Rydal Hall, you will be able to come in from 4pm, and tea and cake will be served in the entrance hall.  I will be in the hall to meet you from 4 o’clock in the afternoon.  The first evening meal will be at 6.30pm.

Our first evening rehearsal starts in the Bishop Bulley Barn at 7.45pm.

Remember to bring your instruments, music stands (labelled) and if you have access to a set of orchestral or chamber music parts then bring them along.

If you have any special dietary requirements (allergies, vegetarian, lactose intolerant etc) then let me know so that I can pass this on to the kitchen.  Also, if you have any other requirements then tell me so that I can make arrangements with the hall wherever possible.

I will need to send the final payment to Rydal Hall by the 16th July at the latest, so if you haven’t paid in full yet then please do so as soon as you can.  The different tariffs are shown in the table below.  Details of how to pay can be found in the table below.

Type of Accommodation Cost (adult) Cost (child) Notes
Full board £580 £244 (aged 5-9)

£336 (9 to 14)

Includes bed, breakfast, 2 course lunch, 3 course evening meal and morning coffee and cake.


If afternoon tea is required, this will bring the overall price up to £595


Dinner, bed and breakfast £495 £198 (aged 5-9)

£297 (9 to 14)

Includes bed, breakfast, 3 course

evening meal and morning coffee.


If afternoon tea is required, this will bring the overall price to £510


None – orchestra only £120 for the week £60 Includes morning coffee.


For those staying in the hall, it would be helpful if you could let me know whether you are opting for full board or dinner, bed and breakfast, so that I can ensure that I give the kitchen the correct numbers for meals.

Also – this year, afternoon tea is an optional extra, so please let me know if you would like to take this option.

I have enclosed the timetable for the week for your information.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again on 30th July for another wonderful week.

Best wishes,

Jane Edwards