The Orchestra

The Rydal Genin Orchestra (also known as The Rydal Orchestra) is an amateur symphony orchestra made up of about 50 musicians from all over the country, who join together in the Lake District for one week every summer to play a wide variety of music – simply for the love of it! Our week always begins on the last Saturday in July.

Established in 1955, this fun and friendly group rehearse in the mornings and evenings, leaving afternoons free for other activities such as walking, sightseeing, playing pieces for smaller ensembles, reading, or even a game of croquet – weather permitting!

This is all fuelled by delicious food, with meals punctuated by tea, coffee, and cakes.

What makes us different?

Rydal is unlike any other orchestral course we know.  It’s completely without pressure to perform, and the social side is as important as the music.

If you join us:

  • You will play through LOTS of music, of all kinds.
  • You will meet interesting people from all walks of life, and of all ages.
  • Your sightreading will improve.
  • You will eat delicious home-cooked and locally-grown food if you stay in the hall.
  • You will take part in the famous Friday night quiz!

What we do:

  • We play through a lot of music.  See repertoire.
  • We consume tea, coffee, and cake at regular intervals.
  • We encourage people to form their own ensembles (quartets etc) if they want to.  There is plenty of scope and space for this.
  • We have free time every afternoon and all day on Wednesday, so you can enjoy the beautiful hall and Lake District.

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t judge you if you make a mistake.
  • We don’t insist that you stay in the hall, although if you want the full experience we recommend that you do.
  • We don’t have intense sectional rehearsals and we don’t single anyone out for criticism.  It’s supposed to be fun!
  • We don’t perform concerts (although we always have a small audience of interested passers-by).
  • We don’t make a profit.
  • We don’t guarantee that it won’t rain!

We are always interested in hearing from new prospective members, so please get in touch if you would like to find out more.